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    Founded in 1976, MKS Inc. has over 42 year of industry experience providing plastic and steel tanks, tank liners, exhaust hoods, washout sinks and anode baskets along with custom plastic fabrication.      

   Through our commitment to customer service, our experience and our expertise MKS Inc. has established business relationships that will last a lifetime.

Plating Production Lines

Steel tanks with PP Liners

Custom Fittings and Parts

We build custom fittings and parts  for a variety of uses.

PP Tank with Vent Hood

With our  custom fabrication ability we can build exhaust systems for any configuration.

Polyporpylene tank with secondary containment

Containment tanks, trays, and complete floors  are Fabricated out pf 1/2'' Poly.

PP tank with Stainless steel girthing

SS frame is a great way to anchor down tanks for sizemic requirements

PP tank with PP legs and 45 degree bottom

All Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance 

PP Tank

Steel girthing with PP encapsulation 

Double shoot

PP shoot  lets Parts or filter press cake slid easily into Drums

PVC Liner

On Site Reline of  30' x 3' x 7' deep tank

Exhaust Ducting

Field repairs and additions

Molded Polyethylene

100's of sizes

PVC rear down draft hood

Custom  and replacement hoods in all shapes. 


1/2'' PP Floor

PVC Two Finger Hood

built for hard Chrome

hoods can be built in PP

1/2'' PP Floor

Spill Containment for the entire process area

Dipping Basket

SS  Handel 

Polyethylene Cabnet

Polyproylene Lid on Molded tank

Mold Tanks in both Polyethylene and polypropylene 

Custom PP Tank

Spiral Anode Basket

Large Bait Reciever

Slotted PE tank with hinged lid

Silk Screen units

Strech Table   Washout Sink  

  Vertical inspection table

10' x 4' x 4' PP Tank

Steel Girthing  before encapsulation 

10' x 4' x 4' PP tank

Encapsulation of steel Girthing


washout sink

Silkscreen washout sink with back light

Lid with screen vent

Stainless steel screen in Polyethylene cover

Silkscreen vertical inspection table


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